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About CDM

CDM Search is a small boutique search firm dedicated to providing world-class, cost-effective, value-added, personalized service to meet our clients’ unique talent needs.  We not only find candidates with the necessary skill-set and experience required, but also deliver candidates with the all-important and more elusive ‘soft-skills’ that make them a perfect cultural fit for your company.

How do we do it?  By taking the time to really get to know you and your team and understanding the nuances behind your job description.  We also get to know our candidates in the same personal way assuring their overall work-style effectively meshes with your team dynamic.  It’s the best way and the only way we work!

  • Our clients span the globe and are Fortune 500 and start-ups alike who continue to seek out CDM Search to conduct their most important executive searches.
  •  Our dedicated team of professional consultants have more than 10 years experience in both in-house recruiting and retained executive searches.  We work with a sense ‘urgency’ and complete Executive level searches on an average of 63 days in comparison to competing firms who average 135 days

We pride ourselves on delivering fast, stellar results and are known for the value we provide.

About the Founder

Laura Gonzalez – President & CEO
Laura has over 15 years of experience in executive search focusing primarily on VP and above level roles in digital media, entertainment, online, mobile and related technologies and platforms.

Laura’s philosophy and approach centers around a commitment to exceptional results, which is evident in her client satisfaction and business growth. Laura is passionate about leading all client relationships and work for executive services, and has a team of experts in their fields, which support CDM Search on high volume recruiting and global infrastructure projects. Laura is also Bilingual (English/Spanish), having led global efforts in the USA, Costa Rica, Chile, Canada and Mexico recruiting more than 500+ employees and executives for start-up operations. She holds a bachelor’s in Public Relations and an MBA both from Texas A&M University.